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Geotek 50 Pipe Wrap™ Cold Applied Tape

Geotek 50 Pipe Wrap is a tough woven Geotextile faced 50 mil thick tape designed for wrapping steel Gas and Oil pipelines and pipe joints providing exceptional cathodic protection.


Features & Benefits

  • Geotek 50 Pipe Wrap combines our proprietary aggressive rubberized asphalt adhesive with a heavy duty geotextile fabric facer. The aggressive adhesive adheres to steel, cast iron, PVC, epoxy coatings, concrete and most any clean surface with the 1170 Primer or Universal Primer course. The tough facer adds excellent abrasion and puncture resistance from rough backfill.
  • Geotek 50 has superior resistance to cathodic disbondment, even if surface preparation is below standard.
  • Geotextile facer properties of high strength and low stretchability elongation and high temperature resistance all contribute to resistance to soil stress.
  • Fast and easy to apply, can be backfilled immediately after application.
  • Has superior resistance to water and vapor transmission.
  • Elastomeric properties of Geotek 50 accommodate normal expansion and contraction of the substrate.
  • When properly installed as a tight bonded corrosion coating the tape will perform as a shielding system. In the event the wrap is compromised or disbonded from the pipe, the tape will allow electrolyte – current to travel to the pipe.
  • Uniform factory controlled thickness.

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